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Fire Alarm Design


Do you need a fire alarm system designed for your current building or for a new building? Are you a facility manager, building owner, architect, engineer, builder, or an electrical contractor in need of a life safety system design for your building or project, contact Certified Systems. We have on staff NICET level IV certified fire alarm system designers. 


NICET #114233 Fire Alarm Systems Level IV

NICET #144989 Fire Alarm Systems Level IV



We have systems for large multi building campuses, small single tenant commercial buildings, and everything in between. We carry Potter, Silent Knight, and Fire-Lite panels. These manufacturers offer everything from the basic sprinkler monitoring system all the way to the largest voice evacuation and fire command center application. Streamlining the installation process means a quicker turn over time and with devices that are able to communicate their individual real time status it makes managing your facility easier than ever before. 

Test, Inspections, & Maintenance


Periodic testing of your fire alarm system is required by local, state, and national fire alarm codes. We will ensure that all aspects of your system are working properly and efficiently. Not only does this keep your building up to code but it also keeps your system within the manufacturers recommended parameters which minimizes system down time and outages. 

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