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Copper Termination & Testing


Certified Systems has a RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) on staff. We can design, install, certify, and maintain your copper infrastructure in compliance with the latest BICSI, ANSI, and TIA/EIA standards. Partner with us and see how we can provide a communications system that meets your needs now and into the future. By staying on top of advancements in the industry you can trust your getting the best products and return on your investment. When the project requires an extended manufacturer product warranty, we can fulfill that need. Our team always goes the extra mile to ensure you are left with a clean and organized MDF/IDF room. 

Fiber Optic Termination & Testing


We want our customers to trust they are getting the best value and expertise in design, installation, and certification with their fiber optic communications infrastructure. We will design a system that is flexible with room to grow and ready for the latest industry advancements. There are a variety of options from single mode, to multi mode (with grades ranging from OM1 to OM4).     Contact us with any questions and we will help you sort through it all. 

Fluke Versiv DSX-5000


The DSX-5000 is the latest technology in cable certification.  With improved efficiency and unrivaled speed it's great for certifying copper and fiber. This tester was built to meet the strictest accuracy requirements (IEC Level V). The DSX-5000 has built in software to help manage and track projects from the start all the way to cable certification. Our Versiv tester has interchangeable modules to test copper and fiber. It also is a great tool for WiFi analysis and network troubleshooting. The graphic interface displays the source of crosstalk, return loss, and faults, speeding up the troubleshooting process. We use LinkWare Management Software to upload test results and print off detailed certification documents so you know exactly how your copper and fiber network is performing. 

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