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Residential / Commercial


The DSC Power Series Neo & Pro panels are great panels that can fit any residential/commercial building. If you're looking for a panel with interactive services we have the panel for you. Interactive services allow you to access every feature of the panel from any smartphone, tablet, and computer.  

Installation & Maintenance 


Certified Systems is known for a quality installation and dependable service. Whether we are in a residential home/apartment or a commercial building we always clean up after ourselves. After we are done all we leave behind is a quality installation of a quality product. Are you still using a land line? Learn about switching to cellular monitoring and how it can save you money. Are you thinking of upgrading your current system? Give us a call. 



We use Rapid Response Monitoring for all of our accounts. They are a professional and reliable monitoring company. Rapid Response stays on the forefront of technology with their smartphone app that allows users to monitor their personal account. Rapid Response also offers auto-notification to a cell phone, remote management, two-way voice, and wireless communications.  

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